Revolutionizing How You Access Your Tree Stand One Step At A Time!

Revolutionizing How You Access Your Tree Stand

Stealth Steps create the lightest, strongest, most compact, quietest and tallest tree step ladder system available on the market today. Manufactured using high-strength polymer capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -40 degrees. A set of 10 tree steps stacks to a compact 11.5 inches tall, weighs only 7.5 pounds and creates a 15-foot ladder when using the recommended maximum spacing of 18 inches between steps. This patented, self-tensioning design will revolutionize the way you access your tree stand…MORE INFO

Designed by an avid hunter with over 40 years of hunting experience, Stealth Step is the result of a 4-year research and development project to create better tree steps.



Stealth Steps are the lightest, most compact, quietest and tallest tree step ladder system available on the market today, giving you a serious advantage during your hunt (Why Stealth Step). Designed by an avid hunter, Stealth Steps are Serious Gear for the Serious Hunter.

It Started With A Single Step.

When Founder Dave McNaughton began thinking about how to build a better ladder system to make accessing a tree stand easier, he knew it needed to be small, lightweight, easy-to-handle and quiet when being carried through the woods. This idea, coupled with his extensive experience in mold making and manufacturing, lead to a four (4) year research and development process that culminated with the design of a completely new and modular tree step ladder system that would revolutionize the industry…Stealth Step.

Today, we at Stealth Step are not just committed to manufacturing a quality product, we are committed to creating Serious Gear for the Serious Hunter. Increasing your chances of a successful hunt starts with a single step, order your Stealth Step Ladder System today...MORE INFO



Our steps are made from one of the strongest polymers available to the consumer market…the same material used for snowboard bindings, ski boots and car roof racks! 


Because the material used will guarantee minimal noise (unlike traditional tree stand ladders or climbing sticks), they will not clang around like metal climbing sticks should you bump them into each other. 


Designed to nest perfectly inside each other, a complete set of Stealth Steps can be transported using our custom holsters or will easily fit into your backpack. In addition, A complete set of 10 tree steps weighs only eight (7.3) pounds


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