Frequently Asked Questions

Are straps provided? 

Yes, our proprietary straps are included as well as the key for the buckle with your Stealth Step purchase. Check out what makes them SO much better than ALL other straps!  Really, they’re way better!

Can I use my own straps to secure the steps to the tree? 
No, Stealth Steps were designed to only be used with the straps provided. Using different straps will void the warranty and may fail, which could result in serious injury.

Will I be charged tax and shipping? 
Sometime we offer free shipping to promote sales but usually shipping will be a charged and as well as tax.

Some of the steps pictured appear camouflage, do you sell these? 
We do not sell the camo dipped steps. I tried, it’s cost prohibitive, but you can do it.

Can both feet be on the step at the same time? 
Yes. Not only is each step strong enough to hold 350 lbs, but each step is 9 1/4 inches wide giving hunters the ability to put both feet on a single step.  22 inches of tread per step!  Who else has that? Nobody!

What size trees does this fit? 
Stealth Steps fit trees ranging from 8-inches to 22-inches in diameter.

Can they be placed on a tree that is crooked? 
Of course, the modular design means each step is independent of the others.

Do the steps pull away from the tree? 
Absolutely not! If the step is properly locked down (installed), the contact surface will not separate from the tree while in use.

Do the steps tip or flip if you step on one side? 
No, Stealth Steps offer a solid step surface if the step is locked down (installed) correctly. However, the steps should always be stepped on with your toes toward the tree and the front rim towards the heel of your foot. NEVER step on the side of the step with your toes pointing towards the other side of the step. 

Do I need to wear a harness and lineman’s belt when installing Stealth Steps? 
Yes, you should always wear a safety harness and lineman’s belt when installing the steps. The lineman’s belt is not necessary after installation.