Why Choose Stealth Step

Revolutionizing How to Access Your Treestand Man standing on stealth step tree ladder stand.

Stealth Steps create the lightest, most compact, quietest and tallest tree step ladder system available on the market today. Manufactured using high-strength polymer capable of withstanding sub-zero temperatures, this patented self-tensioning design will revolutionize the way you access your tree stand.

Sold in sets of 4, 10 and 13 steps, Stealth Steps are…


    Designed to nest perfectly inside each other, a complete set of Stealth Steps can be transported using our custom holsters or will easily fit into your backpack.


      A complete set of 10 tree steps weighs only eight (7.3) pounds, making them easy to transport.


        Chosen because of its strength and durability withstanding sub-zero temperatures, this polymer is the choice of engineers for applications such as snowboard bindings, ski boots and car roof racks. Each step is even stronger than the strap which is capable of holding 330 pounds.


        We’ve all been in situations where a tree is good for the morning, but you have another tree that’s much better for sunset. Now changing locations is quiet and easy. In addition, you can position each step to move around knots or branches on the tree, unlike traditional climbing sticks. You can even put them up and take them down with your gloves on.


        Because the material used will guarantee minimal noise (unlike traditional tree stand ladders or climbing sticks), they will not clang around like metal climbing sticks should you bump them into each other. This allows you to stalk your next trophy with the stealth you need to succeed. That’s why we call them Stealth Steps.


        Stealth Steps are designed for self-tensioning. When our own special straps are positioned at the bottom of the slot and hand-tightened as much as possible, the next move is to simply push down on the step while holding the strap in place. This action will cause the strap to tighten even more and make each step rock solid. In addition, each step has a 14 lug tread platform to ensure secure footing. Finally and most importantly, there are no protruding rungs to impale yourself on like with traditional climbing sticks. All of these features make Stealth Steps the safest tree ladder system on the market.


        Stealth Steps do not damage the tree, making them suitable for use on public land. With hunting land becoming scarcer each year, this is another positive feature to the design. But regardless of whether the land is public or private, Stealth Steps allow you to access the tree with “the shot” and not settle for a tree just because you can climb it.