Black Cam Buckle Strap – Set of 10




A cam buckle strap unlike any you have ever seen!

  • 300 Pound capacity
  • Straps are polyester so they won’t break down with sunlight or moisture.
  • Straps are 8-feet in length and capable of fitting around trees ranging from 8″ to 22″ in diameter
  • Each contains an extra 16-inches of strap near the buckle to make tightening easier and more effective
  • Buckles are steel with anti-corrosion cadmium protection for years of service
  • The buckle frame contains a hole which allows our special “strap key” to be utilized. Once inserted, the key holds the cam buckle in the “open” position, ending the frustration of feeding the strap through the buckle and makes installation quick and easy.
  • Each strap weighs less than a 7 ounces.


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